Do it, honey!
Do wear sunscreen EVERY day, even if you work indoors. Use a moisturizer with anti-oxidants and sunscreen to keep even artificial light from causing premature aging.
Do carry a small powder brush to touch up your makeup during the day. The sponge in your compact can hold the oil from your skin and cause breakouts.
Do wash your makeup brushes, even the ones used to apply eyeshadows as often as possible, I wash mine after every use. Bacteria breeds in your brushes which in term gets into your pores and can cause bad breakouts & further acne.
Do always apply perfume behind the knees, inside the elbows, and behind the ears. These areas are more likely to warm up to the fragrance and give a subtle scent instead of overpowering.
Do buff natural nails with a rough buffing pad before applying polish. It will create an oil free bed perfect for keeping polish on at least five days.
Do apply eyelash primer before applying mascara. Primers condition and create a fuller and longer look for your eyelashes, plus it helps keep it on longer.

Don’t you dare!
Don’t go to sleep without washing your face and moisturizing. Every night that you sleep with your makeup on it adds 7 days of aging to the skin!
Don’t use foundation around your eyes. Use concealer instead. Foundation can irritate the eye area, and is not ophthalmologist tested.
Don’t let your mascara go past three months! Mascara is made to last a maximum of two months and loses the ability to do its job, and can cause irritation.
Don’t lend your eye makeup products to anyone, doing so can lead to infections. Sharing is not always caring when it comes to makeup.
DONT' continue to use the sponge brush that comes with your compact foundations, it harbors bacteria which you will continue to apply to your face, everyday! (gross).  Do purchase a bag of disposable sponges & use these instead, throw away after each use.
DON'T go longer than 5 days without exfoliating (even your lips). Layers & layers of dead skin builds up which leads to acne & flakiness, which makeup does NOT look good sitting on top of! .