My favorite shades of red ! Different shades enhance & compliment different skin tones.
Remember EVERYONE can wear a red lip ! You just have to find YOUR red .
Lady Danger, Ruby Woo, (which also happens to be my instagram name (@ruubywoo), obsessed, can you tell?!) & Diva .

You can never go wrong with red! 
This is just a simple post about how awesome red lipstick is.
My favorite type is matte.
I find that it pops a little more, also a lot neater than others.
It lasts a WHOLE lot longer and doesn't move,
Especially when used with a lip liner.
Liner helps give the lipstick something to adhere to & help prevent bleeding.
Also adding a highlight color or any color lipstick / gloss lighter than the color you've applied (whether it be red, or not) to the cupids bow & center of the lips adds more definition to the lips, making them appear larger, fuller & plumper! .
& a lipstick base is a must! even if its a chapstick! .

"Kisses, even to the air, are beautiful" - Drew Barrymore.