( clearly my favorite product, cant breathe without) .

Whats not good to be said about concealer?! Ugh, where do I begin !? Whether your not heavy on makeup & just want to cover bags, under eye circles, puffiness &/or blemishes, the possibilities are endless & then you find yourself just plain ol' addicted to concealer (like I am), its def. one of those MUST HAVES AS A HUMAN BEING. Two thumbs up to whoever invented this stuff! I prefer pot concealers over liquid, i'm not really a fan of the consistency of liquid concealers but of course have plenty in my kit. My all time favorite? Dermablend Cover Creme (a heavy duty concealer especially good for covering scars, burns, tattoos & vitiligo) & Mac's pot concealer is runner up. But it all depends on which brand you feel will provide you with the best coverage. It is always best to get a concealer that is about 1 or 2 shades lighter than your foundation/skin tone to give you that natural highlight under the eyes like Kim K or to get one that EXACTLY matches your skin tone if your only trying to cover blemishes & then apply pressed or translucent powder on top. Skin tone colored concealer is especially great for defining the brows NATURALLY if your not going for that "dramatic concealer obviously around the eyebrow look"  which I am not now, never have been & never will be a fan of ! BUT whatever floats your boat & toots your horn :-). Some concealers are colored so they can cover up those tough to cover up imperfections. Green concealers are used to best cover up redness on the face because the green cancels out the red color, and yellow/peach concealers are best to cover up under eye dark circles because the yellow cancels out the blue under the eyes and the peach color cancels out the brown under the eyes. It is best to use concealer before your foundation, but some people prefer using their foundation first and then concealer. It all depends on what you are comfortable with and what works for you. Overall, concealers are amazing, the best thing ever, period, no exceptions .. concealer for president - they are a must have in everybody's makeup routine. !